Event Photography

Photos from the Alberta Cup, Alberta Challenge and Prospects Cup (May 18) are now available HERE.

To view and purchase images, visit the site, click “Galleries” and then your desired team.

There are many images to choose from (each team has 600 images or more) so we recommend you view all images before making any decisions.

Once you are ready to order add the first image you desire to your cart. From there choose “Download” for single image purchases ($30 + GST ea.) or “Package” for the tournament special (5 images for $75 plus GST). For those who want more that 5 photos, we recommend completing you first “package” purchase by checking-out. Once checked-out then start again to purchase a second package or individual download.

All images are provided digitally so you can print, share or add to facebook, etc. as you like; however, there is no commercial use permitted without the authority of Hockey Alberta and LA Media.

Images will be available now through JUNE 1st.

Enjoy your search!