Twins Adam and Justin Hall (Edmonton Blue) are looking forward to sharing their Alberta Cup experience with each other.

2016 Alberta Cup: It’s All Relative

As 160 of the top 2001-born hockey players in Alberta arrived in Canmore on Wednesday for the 2016 Alberta Cup, there was plenty of excitement in the air. But, for four players, it was an extra-special moment.

Twin brothers Adam and Justin Hall (Edmonton Blue) and cousins Kirby and David Dach (Edmonton Yellow) have the opportunity to share their Alberta Cup experience with a family member.

Adam and Justin say their time with the Alberta Cup so far has been nothing short of incredible, even more so because they can take it all in together.

“It’s a pretty cool experience, I get to play with the best players in Edmonton, and I get to play against the best players in Alberta, it’s cool,” said Adam. “It’s kind of like (Justin and I) are at home, because we know each other so well, and we’re so close.”

“It’s great, we’ve both had a lot of success, and we’ve been working really hard lately, and it’s good to be here with my brother,” said Justin. “We play really well together, so I think we can create some offense together and win some games.”

While playing together isn’t necessarily a new experience for the Halls, who play together in Edmonton, it’s a new experience for the Dach cousins. Kirby and David say they’re looking forward to hitting the ice together this weekend.

Cousins Kirby (left) and David Dach. (Credit: LA Media)

“It’s been really fun, and you get to experience almost what it’s like in the pros, and it’s really good,” said David of his experience so far.

“We know each other pretty much inside out, so that should help us get over our nerves,” said Kirby of playing with his cousin. “It’ll maybe bring more excitement instead of nervousness.”

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