Edmonton Yellow defenceman Luke Prokop is one of four athletes playing in the Alberta Cup whose brother played in Team Alberta’s U16 program.

Keeping it in the family

CANMORE - For four athletes participating in the 2017 Alberta Cup, they have a unique opportunity to mirror the accomplishments of their older brothers.

Peyton Mckenzie (Northeast), Garin Bjorklund (Calgary South), Kaiden Guhle (Northeast) and Luke Prokop (Edmonton Yellow), are all following in the footsteps of their siblings: Skyler, Paycen, Brendan and Josh.

Not only did the four older brothers play in the Alberta Cup - they all went on to play for Team Alberta’s U16 team: Brendan in 2012, Skyler in 2013, and both Paycen and Josh in 2015. All four won gold at the Western Canada U16 Challenge Cup in their respective years.

For Peyton, Garin, Kaiden and Luke, they’re all looking forward to following in their brothers’ footsteps, and hope to use their experiences to make the next step in the Team Alberta program.

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