Volunteer Opportunities

Hockey Alberta is looking for volunteers for the 2024 Spring Showcase. Various roles and opportunities are available.

Position areas include:

  • Off-Ice Officials: Penalty box attendants, score clock operators and score keepers. Scoring will be tracked using an online game sheet application. Volunteers for this role will be required to have experience working in or volunteering in similar roles and must be willing to learn new technologies and adapt to Hockey Alberta game protocols.
  • Ticket Scanners: Responsible for scanning tickets when ticket holders enter the game for the first time. Volunteers would also be responsible for placing wrist bands on ticket holders. No experience is required for this position.
  • Selling 50/50s: Responsible for selling 50/50’s and collecting money. Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Ceremonies and Special Events: Support various elements relating to game presentation. This includes preparing and organizing items required for pre and post-game ceremonies such as awards and gifting. In addition, volunteers will be required to meet and greet delegates and participants providing them with information and guidance pertaining to their role for the ceremony. Ceremonies volunteers must be comfortable being in the public eye, as they will also be assisting on-ice with post-game awards and presentations.
  • Livestreaming: On-air personalities (play-by-play, colour commentators, interview hosts), camera operators. A play-by-play announcer describes the game that’s going on as it happens. Colour commentators offer some analysis of the game. Interview hosts would conduct interviews that could air during broadcasts, or at other times during the event. On-air experience is definitely beneficial, as is knowledge of Hockey Alberta’s elite hockey leagues, AFHL and AEHL.
  • Generalist: Assist in various different capacities, including packaging and distribution of volunteer apparel, printing and producing event accreditation, assisting with event VIP needs and monitoring the volunteer lounge.

Those interested in applying may indicate which event they would like to volunteer at, as well as preferred shifts.

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